Saturday, September 12, 2009

Delectable Designers: Lorick

I discovered this designer by accident and it was such a beautiful surprise.
The new collection makes me think of what one would wear to chic cocktail parties in Paris or after-work dinners with friends in Italy. The vibe is so European and sophisticated and I love it!

You may have noticed some of Abigail Lorick's pieces on Gossip Girl. They played the role of Eleanor Waldorf's runway collection.

GG fans, remember these beauties?:


And are you kidding me? These are from her Fall '09 collection:

Photography by Tom Hines

Her line is only 2-years old, but Abigail Lorick is definitely making a name for herself. See more of her masterpieces here. Definitely out of my budget, but so pretty to look at!

Celebrate haute fashion!

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