Wednesday, September 30, 2009

BeautiFULL Clothes

So I lost the battle with this cold I have been fighting. It got the best of me, and rendered me helpless today. I laid in bed surrounded by balled up tissues and the sounds of daytime TV keeping me company. Once I was out of my Tylenol Warming Cough & Sore Throat haze, I decided to sit my achy body up and catch up on some DVR'd (man's greatest invention) episodes of one of my favorite shows -- Mad Men.

It's no secret. I love this show to pieces. The clothes, the era, the scandal -- it's all so . . . delicious! But, one of the main reasons I watch it (besides the super dreamy Don Draper) is for my girl crush fix, Joan Holloway. She represents what REAL women look like with her hypnotic hips and chic wardrobe. She's just so fabulous to me:

... And this is where I got the inspiration for today's post. Everywhere you look, you'll find super slim models and celebrities who aren't accurate representations of what the average woman looks like. So, I thought I would do a little digging online and find some chic, stylish clothing options for the plus-sized beauty. Here are a few cute pieces that I came across:

1. Veronique Dress in Berry, $136
2. Gloria Dress, $102
3. Glen Cowl Tunic, $58
4. Animal Print 2 in 1 Dress, $50.96
5. Cutwork Trim Top, $46.97
6. Purple Printed Longline Top, $55.73

A mix of dressy and casual looks that can be accentuated with jewelry and swanky accessories or a killer fitted leather motorcycle jacket. Who says you can be full and fabulous?

Celebrate your curves!


  1. i love your blog. it's super cute and makes me happy when i log into

    i love the looks on this cury lady, i may have to start watching the show...thanks!

  2. Aww, thank you. That really does mean a lot to me. Glad you're enjoying my blog :)

  3. This entry is right on time! My postpartum shape had edged me out of most of the stores I usually shop in. It's extremely difficult to find the same style of clothes in the size I'm in now. So thanks for the suggestions!

  4. I love those first two dresses from the show, very cute.

    I hope you start to feel better soon!

  5. Joan is my girl and her figure is sick. Love her dresses

  6. Hey Steph I love the clothes you post. I can't really get into to these but they make me wish I could they are so cute.