Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Escapism: Greece

When we got married, my husband and I said that before the kids came, we want to try to get as much "traveling the world" in. Two big vacations a year is the plan. We already have Maui, HI booked for this December, but we're now working on making plans to visit Greece towards the end of 2010.

Traveling, I think is something everyone should treat themselves to -- provided you have the means to do so. What could be better than escaping to a new and foreign place where no one knows you and new adventures along with memories lie beneath every step you take?

So come away with me! Snapshots of places around the world always provides me with a little escape throughout my day.

Here's a shot of the Oia Village on Santorini Island in Greece:


Oia at dusk:

And a shot of the Blue Palace Resort & Spa on the island of Crete:

Breathtaking right?

Where do you want to go on your next vacation?


  1. Travel is amazing, and it can be done with kids...so much easier without them though :.) Hubby and I also plan to have 2 trips a year, one alone and one as a family, but we havent decided on our next destination. Last local was Ocho Rios for the wedding and we plan to return next June with the kids for our 1 year anniversary.

    I'll keep my eyes open for destination ideas via your blog!

    BTW, it looks amazing, congrats!

  2. Those pictures of Greece look amazing. Your pics from Paris had me wanting to go and I think I'm going to make that happen next year along with Italy.

  3. Mo, we definitely won't stop once the kiddies come (God-willing), lol. It's just easier when they're not here as you said.

    Christen, I was thinking of Paris today and wishing I could go back. Italy is on our radar too.