Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Style Stalking: Tracee Ellis Ross

Tracee Ellis Ross. Daughter of the original and legendary diva Miss Diana Ross is that rare type of woman who can wear virtually ANYTHING! Her body is SICK --  the perfect balance of slender and curvy, so it's no wonder that she looks good all. . .the. . .time!! Even this dress that would otherwise look like a potato sack on most women, looks great on her. It's almost sickening. And her hair?? Let's not even go there. Pure perfection.

She has an impeccable way of mixing breezy with glamourous and I find that every time I am looking to update my wardrobe she's the one I turn to for inspiration. Her style makes me think of a successful and chic woman living in Fort Green, Brooklyn who enjoys gallery openings and cocktails with her friends after work. Independent and fabulous.

Tracee's personality is one that is equally inspiring. In every interview of her that I've either read or watched, she exudes a sort of down-to-earth geeky coolness that is very similar to her former Girlfriends (a TV classic!!) character Joan Clayton. She is definitely a big sister in my head :)

Here are some of my fave looks from the fabulous Tracee Ellis Ross:

What say you on Tracee's style chéres? Yay or nay?


  1. She is one of my style and hair favorites. Always has an eclectic mix of clothes and you are right she is very Ft. Green. Love her

  2. Love, Love, Love her!!!
    From her hair to her taste in fashion.. she can do no wrong in my book.

  3. You do know her outfits was one of the, of the many, reasons why I watched Girlfriends. She always had THE best outfits and they were just so darn quirky. I miss Joan! :(