Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Fab: The First Date

A few weeks ago, I set up two friends that I thought would be perfect for each other.
Both are good looking and have lots of things in common. But more importantly, I think the two of them needed someone of the opposite sex that was about something and could potentially make the other very happy.

My cupid skills seem to be on the up and up so far. Yesterday the pair went out on their first 'blind' date and let's just say, they're both still very interested in getting to know each other!
*adjusts wings & crosses fingers*

This exciting occurrence has inspired my post for today. What do you wear on a first date?
Now, I've been out of the game for awhile. My husband and I have been married for almost a year, but have been together for eight. So, no, I'm not single and ready to mingle, but I think I can still drop a few gems of knowledge when it comes to the "newness" of relationships.

Here's the look I put together:

Now ladies, in my personal opinion, when first meeting a guy, you want to exude sauciness yet keep it sophisticated. Guys are visual beings, so give them just enough to keep their attention but still leave a little something to the imagination.
I think the ruffles are both sexy and sweet, so that's a perfect way to go. Pairing the top with a cute pair of shorts makes it fun. Add some cute accessories to dress it up, and you're good to go!

The entire outfit is affordable too and I consider myself to be a budget-fashionista. You may be giving me the side-eye after checking out those delicious $500+ Miu Miu beauties, but I am a firm believer in what many stylists call the "high-low" look. Matching high-end and low-end items to create a fabulous outfit. There are somethings us gals don't like to skimp on, and I believe shoes are one of them. It's best "invest" in some quality items that will last you years to come.

So go out and enjoy! It's somebody's birthday out there, why not live it up??

Celebrate new beginnings!

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