Monday, August 24, 2009

Cupcake Caravan of Love

I'm a HUGE dessert fan. My favorite sweet indulgence is the cupcake. Besides the fact that they are yummy, there is just something so chic and fab about them.

I find that I treat myself to one (or two) cupcakes every other week or so. That is more times than I need to. I've definitely slowed down with this new "health kick" I'm on, but I can never resist a well baked, perfectly decorated cupcake. Ask my thighs.

Besides being scrumptious, cupcakes are the perfect celebratory and pick me up food. Whenever I'm feeling blue, I buy myself a cupcake, throw on dark shades, wrap my head up in a scarf à la Jackie O, and indulge in Golden Girls re-runs. When it's a good day, which since starting this blog, I decided will be EVERYDAY, I buy myself a cupcake. See a trend here?

Cupcakes have gotten me through a lot, so I wanted to take time to give a shout out and a whoot-whoot to my top 5 bakeries who have provided me with THEE best cupcakes . . . EVER. And yes, these are in a particular order. Be sure to check them out ... And remember, DESSERTS is STRESSED spelled backwards. That's why you need one to combat the other -- at least that's my excuse.


  1. Eleni's
  2. Billy's Bakery
  3. Crumbs Bake Shop
  4. Buttercup Bake Shop
  5. Magnolia Bakery
Celebrate guilty pleasures!

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