Saturday, August 29, 2009

Friday Fab: Dinner With Friends

Last night was dinner for 12. Hubby and I went out for Asian eats with some friends at a cute little spot in Montclair, NJ called Sesame. Since many of our friends consist of married folk and those in long-term relationships, we like to all go out every once in awhile to play catch up and just have a laid back, good time.

The weather was wretched yesterday. It rained cats and dogs, so I had to stand in front of my closet yet again and re-pick another outfit to replace the one I already chose to wear! Ugh. I know. Where are my priorities?

So what do you wear when having dinner with friends? Here's a copycat version of what I had originally put together:

With the "no white after Labor Day" rule looming (shout out to Emily Post), I was itching to get one last good wear out of my white denim. Unfortunately, white denim is a no-go in the rain -- that's just my personal opinion. So, this is what I wore instead:

Shout out to my hubby, my personal photographer : )

I decided to keep it comfy, simple -- and closed toe because I hate when my feet get wet! Despite the showers, it was a great night.

Celebrate good times!

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