Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Material World — Are You a Material Girl?

Topping off my ooh-lala list for this week is Material World, a blog by Lourdes Leon aka Lola, aka, Madonna's 13-year old daughter.

Lola is a mini-fashionista blogging her way through the launch of her (and her mother's) new line Material Girl, premiering August 3rd. She writes about music, vintage trends and "teenage stuff".

I think it's absolutely brilliant that she is following in her mother's footsteps and capitalizing on the name that essentially made Madonna famous. Nothing wrong with passing the baton and keeping it all in the family.

I saw some previews of the collection. It has sort of an 80's vibe with a 2010 flow. I think it will be fantastic and can't wait till the arrival. 
Despite the target demographic, I may have to purchase a few pieces for myself! ;-)

Celebrate legacies!

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  1. ah yes i checked that blog out last week xxxxxx