Thursday, May 13, 2010

How You Doin'?!

Took my little sister on a morning adventure. Well, it wasn't really an adventure, but close enough. It's her first week home after completing her freshman year of college and I decided to get her tickets to see The Wendy Williams Show (I know, big spender). She made the Dean's List, as a Biology major, so, she deserved a treat and a good time. It's what she wanted, so I made it happen. Sharing a few shots of our Girls Day out :)

[getting ready to head inside for the show]

[it's miss wendy!]

[a quick bite to eat]

[my most favorite chips]

[enjoying the city]

Celebrate achievements!


  1. I LOVE love LOVE your pics. The style is fabbbbb & that one black & white shot of you has such a classic vibe to it. You & your sis look like you had a great time. Those sister moments are beautiful :)

  2. Cute jacket Mrs. A La Mode ;)
    You don't know how much I'd love to go to a Wendy show lol! Looks like you both had fun, great gift to your sis!

  3. Thank you Sonya - I agree. There is nothing like sister moments :)

    And thank you Mrs Coiffure ;-) I highly recommend the Wendy Show. She's down to earth and it's really a party :)

  4. Look's like you two had a great time!
    Go ahead lil' sis for making The Dean's list!
    oh.. and your shots.. FAB!

  5. Thanks Candace -- these shots were a test run with the baby ;-)

  6. You & your sis looked FAB!!! Hope you guys had fun at the show. Congrats on her amazing freshman year.

  7. Aw! I love the pics and I will always be a little J of the relationship you have with your sis. It is so cute! Its the one I think I would have if I had a sister.... *tears*

    PS - Isn't Wendy smaller and prettier in person than on TV? People don't believe me when I say she's not huge and she really is like a size 6. I think I might look huge next to her!

  8. @ Kim - thanks girl!!

    @ Kendra - LOL @ J - you have a lot of sisters! Vinice is #1 and of course, ME :) and YES, Wendy is much smaller and looks prettier in person. She has AMAZING skin too. She always talks about being a "big girl" but she's just tall. She's really slim.

  9. Aww! Thanks sis! LOL

    People never believe me! I may be calling on your services to cosign me on that sometime in the future!