Thursday, April 8, 2010

SEXCLUSIVE: Sex and the City 2 [Official Trailer!!]

Stalking. Stalking. STALKING. That's what I've been doing ever since word got out that there would be a Sex and the City 2 movie. 
The teaser trailers. The movie images. All have been as torturous as swallowing my bottle cap sized multi-vitamins, as I wait to be reunited with my four girlfriends (in my head). 
Imagine my geeky excitement as I feasted my eyes upon the OFFICIAL theatrical teaser?! It has given me life!
Ahhhhh! Let me tell you. It's every bit as delectable and wicked as I thought it would be.
A girls trip to Abu Dhabi? (Which, by the way I will be adding to my travel list -- and if you know me. When it comes to travel, I MAKES it happen.) New York City and decadent wardrobes? The return of Aiden?? Already this film is shaping up to be everything I imagined ... and I haven't even seen it yet. 
Birthday á La Mode is now on official countdown! 49 days chéres! Are you ready to be Carrie'd away?

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