Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wednesday Wishes: Birds of a Feather

Today I wish for beautiful pieces that embellish the dream of flight.

1. Nordstrom Franchi Feather Frame Clutch, $148
2. Moxsie Triple Pink Feather Necklace, $88
3. Wet Seal Foil Feathers Tee, $6.45
4. Top Shop Feather Skirt by Rare, $118
5. Saks Jimmy Choo Mable Feather-Adorned Biker Sandals, $1,295
6. Need Supply Leather Feather Headband, $24
7. Top Shop Dream Catcher Earrings, $30

Celebrate flying high!


  1. Thanks for posting our Miss KK Feather necklace from Moxsie! You might also like our feather and leather earrings from Hot Hot Pink Pink:

  2. No problem. Thanks for posting the earrings! I love them -- and your site : )