Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Perfect Holiday (Dress)

It's the 1st day of December ... already! This means holiday cheer and events will be in full swing. Every year, the perfect holiday dress is born. There are two that I spotted that made my heart go thumpity-thump. The first is this Alcee dress on Anthropologie's website. It's sweet and perfect for a more classic affair. It's also simple yet makes a statement with it's origami-like flower situated at the waistband and shimmery pattern dotted along the skirt.

The second is this Island Princess Dress from French Connection. Perfect for a more jazzy affair, like a New Year's Eve party @ the Hudson, rubbing elbows with chic New Yorkers. Picture it. Champagne bubbles tickling your nose as you mingle with other party guests in this sassy number.

Though the price points of the two dresses aren't devastating, I'm in no position to splurge at this point, so I'll have to pass ☹. But, I've come across some other options that will be as light on your wallet as you'll be on your feet at that next holiday soiree!:

2. Charlotte Russe Scroll Bow-Tie Dress, $39.99
3. Arden B. Ombre Beaded Tunic Cami, $19.99
4. Alloy Ruffle Party Dress, $42.90
5. Forever 21 Pleated Party Dress, $24.80
6. Oasis Double Peplum Dress, $33

Celebrate holiday festivities!


  1. Too Cute! I love the first LBD.. I need it in my life!

  2. So can see you in the first one Steph, it screams your name! The second one, now chile I know Keith will love that one! Smoking hot!

  3. Im in love with the one with the feathers on the cleavage its fabulous