Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Girl Power: Adele

We've reached March and I am so excited for the warm weather to arrive! The cold, bitter temps can drop dead for all I care. I am SO over it. 
During this month, in between regular postings, I'll be incorporating some profiles of my favorite women in honor of Women's History Month! First up, is Adele. My obsession with her is borderline psychotic. I LOVE her to pieces and you can't tell me that in a past life we weren't best friends. Her music is smooth, rich and relatable. Besides all of her success, she remains a humble, beautiful person that you can't help but to love. 
She recently visited Chelsea Lately to discuss her sophomore release, 21. The album is AMAZING and so is she. If you haven't already, pick it up! You won't be sorry.

Check out the interview below :-) 

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  1. Absolutely adore Adele! Her interview on Chelsea Lately was candidly funny.