Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Milk + Honey

I recently discovered an arousing trailer while browsing the internet on one of the many snow days we've had so far.

Milk + Honey, a web series produced by Brown Paper Dolls and the delectable Idris Elba, is the story of four women in LA and their spiritual, professional and romantic quests to find their dreams.
The trailer definitely caught my attention and left me wanting more -- especially the snippet that featured Lance Gross and Asha Kamali May (starting @ 2:12) romancing *swoon*. The fact that the melody to Michael Jackson's 'I Can't Help It' was playing in the background is just ... everything.  I may or may not have replayed that part more than a few times.

I'm dying to see more, especially since GOOD African American shows are experiencing a major drought. 
"Milk + Honey was created because we wanted to showcase diverse images of women of color that we don't usually see on the big or small screen. Also, we're creating more opportunities for black actors," says Jeanette McDuffie , a producer who makes up one third of the company, Brown Paper Dolls.

The series is looking to be picked up by a TV network and they still need 1 million viewers of the trailer to help make that happen. Please check it out. I love supporting first rate AA projects and hope to contribute to Milk + Honey's success by spreading the word. 

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  1. Hopefully enough people watch the trailer. This seems like a great TV series.